In accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No.547 of 5 July 2011 "Procedure for monitoring milking cows and dairy goats" one of the following methods is used to determine the quantity of milk:

  • Weighing with non-automatic weighing instruments;

  • Measured volume in liters with measuring dishes;

  • Measured with milk meters for milking equipment.


Milk is measured using intact measuring instruments that have been tested in accordance with the ICAR guidelines and meet the requirements of these guidelines. The means for measuring the quantity of milk are checked by the authority which has concluded data exchange agreement with the data center and adherence to the ICAR guidelines.

The STC laboratory carries out both weight control and milking machine milk meters and calibration of measuring channels. The milk meters of the milking equipment should be periodically checked every 12 months, but the test of weights and cans should be performed every 24 months. One milk test time test period up to 30 minutes.

After calibrating the milk sampler, a calibration certificate and a sticker are issued to the customer, and a sticker after checking the weight and milk meters. The price for one milk measuring device is 6.40 EUR (incl. VAT).