The laboratory is accredited to perform the following parameters of the working environment parameters:

  • Noise parameters in the workplace and at other designated locations according to 04.02.2003. Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No.66 "Labor Protection Requirements for the Protection of Workers from the Risk of Working Environment Noise".

  • Noise parameters in the territories and premises as of 07.01.2014. Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.16 "Procedures for Noise Assessment and Management".

  • Vibration parameters at the operator's place according to April 13, 2004. Cabinet Regulation No. 284 "Labor protection requirements for the protection of workers against the risk of vibration in the working environment".

  • Laboratory laboratory measurements according to April 28, 2009. Cabinet Regulation No. 359 "Labor Protection Requirements at Workplaces":

    • dust content in the work area air;

    • lighting at the workplace;

    • room microclimate sights.


Upon receipt of an application, a contract with the client is signed with the client, accompanied by a testing program and a pay-as-you-go calculation. The client pays the test work according to the calculation based on the amount of work performed and the test results are obtained in the form of a test report.